Thinking about a career as a chiropractor?

By Dr. David Odiorne at NYCC

What should you expect when pursuing a career as a chiropractor?

You’ll be a professional healthcare provider, helping patients optimize health, achieve peak performance, and live a pain-free life. You’ll be respected as a leader in your community, and your income will allow you to provide your family with the lifestyle that they deserve. But what does that really mean?

You may want to open your own office and have complete freedom to develop the practice of your dreams, focusing on athletes, families, women, or any other population that attracts you. Perhaps you’d prefer to work with a dedicated team of colleagues in a group practice, hospital, or Veterans Administration facility. Maybe you’d like to teach, do research, or work in public health. The possibilities are nearly endless!

A recent Gallup-Palmer poll reveals that a significant majority of Americans believe chiropractic care is safe and effective. The majority will seek a chiropractor to treat back and neck pain. Results like these show that whatever being a chiropractor means to you, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams by becoming a valued member of your community as you serve your patients and your profession.

Of course, making a living is important, too. Your income will depend on several factors: the type of practice you choose, where you are located, how long you have been in practice, and many others. According to, the median annual income for doctors of chiropractic in the United States is about $140,000.

About the Author, Dr. David R. Odiorne, MS, DC

NYCC Chiropractic ProfessorDr. David Odiorne has more than twenty years of experience as an academic administrator and currently serves as vice president of Institutional Advancement and special assistant to the president at New York Chiropractic College (NYCC), a position he has held since 2014. Prior to his current appointment, he served as vice president of Institutional Quality and Assessment at NYCC, and worked at the National University of Health Sciences, National College of Natural Medicine, and Bastyr University, serving in roles including chief of staff, dean of clinics, director of community relations, vice president for academic affairs, senior vice president, and provost. Dr. Odiorne is a chiropractor with fourteen years of private practice experience in Maine, and holds a Master’s degree in educational administration. A founding board member of the Assessment Network of New York, he is active in the field of higher education accreditation, having served on the Commission on Naturopathic Medical Education and as a site visitor and/or team chair for five agencies including two regional commissions.

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