How does Homecoming help professional development?

chiropractic college homecomingHomecoming is a chance for alumni to take a trip down memory lane at their alma mater. It’s a place to reconnect with friends, see what the school has been up to — what has changed, what hasn’t — and get a little bit of that energizing feeling that comes from a place where you’ve spent so many hours of dedicated work and deserved play. It’s also an opportunity for professional development.

Thomas Ventimiglia, DC, New York Chiropractic College’s Dean of Postgraduate & Continuing Education, says that Homecoming at NYCC is a time to take a moment to find clarity and reaffirm values, perspectives and affirmations — to appreciate, literally, the feeling of coming home.

“We find clarity when we are home,” Dr. Ventimiglia said. “NYCC serves as a forum for nurturing lifelong relationships. It is a relationship-centered experience that advances the needs of the institution, the current student, and the alum,” Dr. Ventimiglia said.

“To be part of Homecoming, regardless of when you graduated or where your beloved profession has taken you, is to be part of your heritage, our heritage, the New York Chiropractic College family of professionals.”

New York Chiropractic College’s 2017 Homecoming is October 6-8.

Diane Zink, NYCC Director of Alumni Relations, explains that the goal of her office, which is charged with organizing Homecoming is to connect with alumni, expose current students to professional organizations and future colleagues, and provide an arena for education and socialization that sparks opportunities to build relationships.

doctor of chiropractic students at homecoming

Figure 1 Homecoming, 2016 — Students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a relaxing evening at NYCC with great coffee, conversation, and entertainment.

“There’s the given of Homecoming,” said Zink, “the continuing education credits, the information we provide to help keep them well-informed, which is all part of being a  premier graduate institution; and then there are the community events throughout the weekend that just build on that feeling of coming home.”

Zink gives the example of the president’s dinner, which has become the big social event, enabling alumni to reconnect and kicking off a great weekend of networking.

“It’s evolved into an evening of relationship building, setting the tone for the weekend, that Homecoming is more  than just a continuing education conference,” Zink said. “We’re very family-oriented, and I think that comes through when people come to Homecoming.”

“It’s more than just the lectures, or the president’s event,” Ventimiglia said. “It’s more than the dinners, the comradery, the luncheon… it’s all of that plus, a sense, a spirit about being at New York Chiropractic College.”

“Come home. You’re missed!” added Ventimiglia to NYCC alumni. “When you’re here, we’re whole.”

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