NYCC Health Center Spotlight: Rochester

The Rochester Health Center is New York Chiropractic College’s newest — located in a commuter region south of the city of Rochester, treating chiropractic patients Monday through Friday. Dr. Aizhong Li also treats acupuncture patients on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Dr. Nadeau, Chiropractor at Rochester Health CenterClinic Chief of Staff Dr. Ryan Nadeau is a 2008 NYCC Doctor of Chiropractic graduate. Dr. Nadeau had always wanted to work for the school and was excited when he saw a full-time clinical faculty position opening in the summer of 2012.

“It is incredibly rewarding to be able to treat patients with chiropractic clinical students, watching their abilities and confidence grow during the year they are with me at the Rochester Health Center. Working with the students’ eagerness to learn, improve, and develop into competent clinical students is a pleasure. To top it off, serving my alma mater in this capacity is humbling and fulfilling.”

Every D.C. student’s clinical experience begins at one of the main “hub” health centers such as Rochester. During their time at the clinic, students have numerous opportunities to treat patients with faculty clinicians. Students then go to surrounding sites, called ‘“spokes,”’ including three local Veterans Administration hospitals, Monroe Community Hospital, and free-care sites where they treat underserved or underinsured patients.

“Each patient seen at the Rochester Health Center is treated by both a licensed clinician and a student. Students help in all aspects of each patient visit, from taking a subjective history of the patient to examining and obtaining objective findings, as well as diagnosing and formulating a treatment plan. Students also perform hands-on treatment modalities on patients, including  chiropractic adjustments,” said Dr. Nadeau, “Students are in the treatment rooms during every single patient encounter in their clinic as well as at all of the spoke sites — overseen by a licensed doctor.”

Dr. Nadeau also mentioned a new position has been created for a Health Center Public Relations and Marketing Manager, who will help students develop public speaking habits, teach them how to market themselves after graduation, and organize practice-building workshops.

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