NYCC Health Center Spotlight: Depew Health Center

The last year of a Doctor of Chiropractic student’s education is spent gaining hands-on training.  The Depew Health Center, located in the Buffalo area, is one of NYCC’s four New York-based clinics responsible for preparing future doctors for practice.

It houses about 50 to 60 students at any one time, and works with the surrounding community to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, as well as conditions related to the spine and extremities. The population treated at Depew is diverse — from simple to complex, with patients ranging from children to the elderly.

Dr. Matthew Cote, Chiropractic Clinician

“Depew has a strong reputation of being an active site for patient care,” said Dr. Matthew Coté, Senior Clinician at Depew.

“Our clinicians are experienced and the students get involved in patient care quickly. We network with physicians in the community and strive to maintain our reputation as spine care specialists.”

Coté says that the most rewarding part of working at Depew is watching a student grow through their clinical experience, and knowing he helped make a difference.

Students enter the clerkship process in the seventh trimester (beginning of the third year), where they first learn the basics, and then they are mentored by clinicians. Students work to manage real cases under the supervision of a clinician educator. The patients are managed in a team environment where the clinician and the student work together to manage the cases, preparing them for their chiropractic careers and real patient situations.

Each of the NYCC health centers –Rochester, Levittown, Seneca Falls and Depew – is unique in location and demographics. The populations and clinics differ in the various centers, but the application of the chiropractic program is the same.

There are college clinics, hospital clinics, medically under-served population clinics, etc.  In this way, the students are exposed to patients of differing cultures and case types, said Coté.

The Depew Health Center also offers acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy.

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