Evidence-Informed Management of Pain with Chiropractic, Part 2

Chiropractic facultyIn a previous blog post, we introduced how Dr. Mary Balliett, a faculty member at NYCC, practices evidence-informed chiropractic care for her patients.

In her clinical practice, the differential diagnosis is the key to her success in treating routine and complex pain and wellness cases that come to her office. She shares her office with an acupuncturist and maintains a strong referral network with the medical community and massage therapists.

Dr. Balliett attributes her success to the rigor of the NYCC curriculum, which emphasizes the importance of basic sciences knowledge, critical thinking, differential diagnosis, skillful execution of spinal adjusting techniques, patient communication, and interdisciplinary professional relationships.

Dr. Balliett also recognizes her NYCC education in nutrition as a key factor that allows her to successfully integrate nutritional counseling and nutritional supplementation into her chiropractic practice.

Dr. Balliett believes that it is the combination of chiropractic, nutrition, and interdisciplinary professional relationships that allows her to successfully treat diverse patient populations in relieving their pain and maintaining their health. Her NYCC education is the foundation of her patient care successes.

NYCC students meet Dr. Balliett in their first year of study at NYCC, as she teaches Biochemistry and Systems Physiology.

Dr. Balliett not only engages students in basic-sciences knowledge of these disciplines, but also includes relevant clinical vignettes from her many years of successfully treating patients with chiropractic and nutrition.

Like Dr. Balliett, an NYCC education will provide you with evidence-informed clinical skills to successfully diagnose and treat patients as a doctor of chiropractic.

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