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As the field of chiropractic grows, so does the pool of excellent resources Doctor of Chiropractic students and professionals can utilize to remain up-to-date with current research, case studies, best practices, and study tools.

We asked faculty and students at New York Chiropractic College some of their favorites, organized below by web and print:

Online Resources

Research and Publication Databases

  1. PubMed: Medline Search: The National Library of Medicine’s PubMed provides access to over 29 million citations from peer-reviewed journals, including JMPT, JCMJCCAJCE, and Chiropractic & Manual Therapies (formerly Chiropractic & Osteopathy).
  2. Index to Chiropractic Literature Index to Chiropractic Literature provides indexing of the peer-reviewed literature produced by chiropractic publishers. Take advantage of their Journal Directory, with a list in alphabetical order of journals in current publication and past.
  3. Discover Chiropractic:
  4. Complete with news articles, videos, citations, and fast facts for the field of chiropractic.

Study tools

  1. Helpful anatomy quiz ( Pick the body part you want to be quizzed on and it gives you pictures of cadavers with a pin and you have to pick what you think that muscle (or nerve, bone, organ, etc) is.
  2. Radiopaedia ( An extensive resource and well designed site dedicated to the entire world of imaging, including musculoskeletal, neuro, chest, abdomen, etc.
  3. This is another radiology study tool. It is a case based site, so you search for particular conditions, and it will show you (generally) multiple cases of that condition.

Print Resources


  1. Dynamic Chiropractic provides industry news and insight available in both print and digital versions. Dynamic Chiropractic also hosts webinars on current topics and technologies.
  1. Canadian Chiropractor magazine provides chiropractic health care news in every area of chiropractic — clinical, research, wellness, business and personal growth. View the digital version of the current issue.


Clinical chiropractic textbookThe books below are great resources for current students, and worth keeping as a resource for practicing chiropractors, covering both technique and clinical.

  1. Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic: A Specific Biomechanical Approach,” Gregory Plaugher and Mark A. Lopes, Zip Publishing/The Educational Publisher (2013) Features of the book include: chiropractic management of spinal fractures and dislocations, visceral disorders never before covered in any book, and a strong, biomechanically sound approach to adjustive techniques.
  2. Chiropractic Technique,” 3rd edition, Thomas F. Chiropractic technique textbookBergmann and David H. Peterson Includes principles needed to evaluate, select, and apply specific and essential adjustive procedures and provides rationale for the use of each.
  3. Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction,” 2: The Trigger Point Manual, The Lower Extremities, Janet Travell, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Provides a comprehensive understanding of what myofascial pain actually is in the lower body muscles, as well as extensive review of the causes of functional scoliosis, lower limb length inequality, and more.
  4. Principles and Practice of ChiropracticPrinciples and Practices of Chiropractic,”3rd Edition, Scott Haldeman, Reviews principles, theory and an introduction to clinical examination and specific treatment methods
  5. The Chiropractic Profession,” by David Chapman Smith Reviews chiropractic history, details joint examination and techniques, and includes the basic principles needed to evaluate, select, and apply specific adjustive procedures.

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